We’ve all heard of an elephant in the room to mean problems we ignore or systematically fail to address, but what does humans in the room mean?

There are humans in the room is a partly tongue in cheek blog that reflects on the human condition, real problems and human stupidity. Animals don’t kill for pleasure, nor do they torture each other for fun and funds. Decades after we told ourselves what universal human rights are, we are still arguing about what is human and what is not. There are any number of documents that hold us to ensuring that each of us on this planet has food, water and primary health, but we are nowhere near our goals. Worse, in our mindless pursuit of victory and revenge we have destroyed more than we create, driven animals and plants to extinction while we attend conferences to protect clean air and save the planet.

The blog will reflect on governments from dictatorships to democracies and everything else in between. We will promote good writing from people who are passionate and bring domain knowledge. Above all, we hope to bring some humour and laughter back in our lives as a means to understanding our own weaknesses and recognising that we are all responsible for igniting change. We believe in human good and we keep the faith.

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